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In the course "Email Writing for School Champs," students will learn the essential skills needed to craft clear, concise, and professional emails. Mastering email writing is a critical skill in today's digital world, and this course is designed specifically for students who want to excel in academic and professional communication. Throughout the course, students will learn the dos and don'ts of email writing, including proper formatting, tone, and etiquette. They will also learn how to tailor their emails to different audiences and purposes, whether it's a teacher, classmate, or potential employer. By the end of the course, students will be able to write effective subject lines, greetings, and sign-offs, ensuring their emails are not only professional but also engaging and respectful. Additionally, students will learn how to organize their thoughts logically and cohesively, ensuring their messages are clear and easy to understand. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, students will have the opportunity to put their new skills to the test and receive feedback to improve their email writing abilities. Whether it's requesting help from a teacher, collaborating on a group project, or communicating with parents, this course will empower students to communicate effectively and confidently through email.

Key Highlights

Craft professional and effective emails for school assignments

Learn email etiquette and best practices for communication

Improve writing skills with targeted exercises and feedback

Enhance clarity and coherence in email content

Develop skills in addressing different recipients appropriately

Master the art of composing concise and engaging email messages

Understand the importance of tone and professionalism in emails

Boost confidence in communicating effectively via email

What you will learn

Become an Email Marketing Pro

Learn the fundamentals of email marketing and how to apply them to school communication.

Targeted Communication Strategies

Understand how to tailor your messages to different school stakeholders for maximum impact.

Practical Email Campaign Creation

Get hands-on experience in creating and executing school-specific email campaigns.


Introduction to Email Champs

4 attachments • 7.34 mins


1 Introduction to Email Champs

2 What is Email address

3 Email Different Parts

Email Etiquette

4 attachments • 6.68 mins

4 Email Etiquette

5 Crafting Clear & Concise Subjects

6 Structuring Your Email for Max Impact

7 Tone & Language Consideration

Effective Email Practices

3 attachments • 1.98 mins

8 Email Examples - Good vs Bad

9 Proofreading & Editing Tips

10 Effective Email Practices

Gmail Tips & Tricks

7 attachments

11 Gmail Undo Send

12 Spelling, Grammar check, Autocorrect, Smart Compose

13 Create Signature & Vacation responder

14 Chat & Google Meet

15 Schedule Send

16 Labels & Filters

17 Help Me Write

Conclusion & Next Steps

1 attachment

18 Conclusion & Next Steps


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