/Discovering NFTs and Blockchain: A Fun Journey for Young Minds

Discovering NFTs and Blockchain: A Fun Journey for Young Minds

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Unlock the World of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Master the Essentials of Buying, Creating, and Selling for Business, Fun, and Profit! Dive into the Basics and Learn How to Navigate the Exciting NFT Market to Explore Opportunities and Maximize Your Gains!


Embark on an exciting adventure into the world of NFTs and blockchain technology in this engaging course designed especially for young minds! Discover the fascinating concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and understand how blockchain revolutionizes digital ownership and transactions. Through interactive activities, fun games, and creative projects, students will learn about the basics of NFTs, explore different types of digital assets, and grasp the importance of blockchain in securing transactions and data. From identifying the uniqueness of NFTs to understanding their impact on various industries like art, gaming, and collectibles, this course offers a comprehensive overview with a touch of excitement and wonder. Participants will dive into the world of cryptocurrency, decrypt the mysteries of decentralized finance (DeFi), and uncover the potential applications of digital tokens beyond traditional currency. By the end of this journey, young learners will not only have a solid understanding of NFTs and blockchain but also be inspired to explore the endless possibilities of this cutting-edge technology. Join us on this fun-filled exploration of NFTs and blockchain, and ignite your curiosity and creativity in the world of digital innovation!

Key Highlights

Understand what NFTs are and how they work

Create your own NFT digital artwork

Learn the process of minting NFTs

Discover platforms for selling NFTs

Explore the potential of NFT marketplaces

Strategies for marketing and promoting your NFTs

Tips for pricing your NFTs effectively

Ethical considerations in the NFT space

What you will learn

Create NFTs

Learn how to create your own unique NFTs using various platforms and tools.

Sell NFTs

Understand the process of selling NFTs on different marketplaces and how to set prices.

Market Your NFTs

Explore strategies for marketing and promoting your NFT creations to reach a wider audience.


Introduction to NFTs: What Are They and How Do They Work?

2 attachments • 1.81 mins

1 Intro

2. Topics Cover

NFT Intro

9 attachments • 8.28 mins

3 NFT Intro

4 Introduction to NFT

5 What are NFTs

6 Fungible vs Non Fungible

7 What Can be NFT

8 How Do NFTs Work

9 Beeple NFT

10 NFT Example India

11 NFT Gallary India

Blockchain Technology

6 attachments • 7.65 mins

12 Block chain

13 What is Block chain Technology

14 Understanding Blockchain - Foundation of NFTs

15 How Does Blockchain Work

16 Blockchain Enpowers NFTs

17 Top Blockchain Names

NFTs Marketplaces : Buying, Selling & Trading NFTs Safely

9 attachments • 23.91 mins

18 NFT Marketplaces Intro

19 Leading Marketplaces for NFTs

20 How to Buy NFT

21 Buy NFT on Opensea Platform

22 How to Create NFT Artwork

23 How to Sell NFT Artwork on Opensea

24 Selling Strategies

25 Safely Trading NFTs

26 NFT Conclusion Future of Marketplace

NFTs in Gaming: Collectibles, Skins, and Virtual Assets

4 attachments • 3.44 mins

27 NFTs in Gaming

28 NFT Game Collectiables Unique Assets

29 NFT Skin Collectiables

30 NFT Virtual Assets and in Game Economies

NFT in Fashion & Retail

6 attachments • 8.21 mins

31 NFT Fashion Intro

32 How NFT Fashion works

33 Examples of Brands adopting Fashion NFTS

34 Brand's live NFT Metaverse Example

35 Impact of NFTs on Fashion Industry

36 Conclusion -


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